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Fixing Error E019: Street cannot intersect with itself! Split this element


This occurs when a polyline is broken up into more than one non contiguous polyline (or non connecting polyline).

This is the same error as:-

Error R014: Several DataX for routable roads not permitted!

In fact running a different cGPSmapper compiler version generates a different error message for the same error!

The rest of the article is the same as Error R014 with different screen shots - you can skip it if you have already read the R014 error article

The error message box from cgpsmapper is shown in the diagram below

ErrorR019,Fix cGPSmapper Error R019

Note this is not the same as “spliting polylines” – which is ok.

This causes compilation to stop and crash and won’t continue until it is fixed.

To find where it is on the map

  1. Click ok on the error message box

    ErrorR019,Fix cGPSmapper Error R019

    No point in reporting it, best to find the error and fix it yourself!!!

  2. Double click on the compiler box which should take you to the line where the error occurred.

    ErrorR019,Fix cGPSmapper Error R019

  3. Highlight and copy a set of coordinates

    ErrorR019,Fix cGPSmapper Error R019

  4. Close both the cgpsmapper box

  5. Go back to the source file and press “CTRL+G” to “Go to Position” and paste the coordinates that you have copied into the box.

    You should then be taken to the polyline that caused the problem

    How to fix this R019 error

    1. To do this, Tools – Select Objects

    2. Click on the Polyline which should turn magenta

    3. Right click and you should notice that “Extract All Elements” is bolded indicating that there is a problem with this polyline where there are more than one element.

    4. Just to confirm this (you don’t need to do this everytime – this is just for illustrating this tutorial), click on Properties, then select Elements tab

      ErrorR019,Fix cGPSmapper Error R019

    5. You will notice that there are five sets of data for this one polyline when there should only be one!

      Eg There is more than one set of Data0=….. line within the same polyline, these must be removed

    6. Click Close and then click on the line again to select it

    7. Right click again

    8. Click on “Extract All Elements” and this should fix the problem

      ErrorR019,Fix cGPSmapper Error R019

    9. That’s all you need to do.

    The problem with a file that has multiple instances of this is that you will need to re-run the compiler after fixing one error polyline and wait for it to report another instance and go through all the steps above to fix it before continuing.

    Just imagine doing this through Mapcenter2 – it will take days or weeks to get a finished product!

    This iterative process is very time consuming if you have many instances of this problem.

    I do hope that someday, GPSMapedit adds a functionality under the Tools – Verify Map to check for this to allow a mapper to eliminate these "multiple dataX" errors before sending the file for compilation.

    Alternatively, you could search for these lines using a text editor but searching for multiple Data0=xx line within [polyline] and [end] tags require some programming knowledge and a customised script to do that.

    Anyone out there able to help write this? :-)

    UPDATE MAR 2010 !

    Actually, I found a way to seek out these error using a good text editor such as Notepad++ or Editpad Pro. Windows notepad or other similar editors won't cut it!

    Hint: Search for this using "regular expression".

    This is what the SOURCE DATA looks like in a text editor















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