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  1. Thanks a lot to a kind soul from Czech Republic for making the very first donation 12 Oct 08 to this project!

  2. Received another donation 12 Nov 08 from an appreciative Singaporean!

  3. Received a donation in the New Year from a kind Malaysian!

  4. And another on 5 Jan 09 from a very generous person from Israel!

  5. Received a donation on 23 Mar 09 from an appreciative Canadian who was very happy to download a free GPS map of Western Samoa for his upcoming trip

  6. Received a donation on 24 Apr 09 from someone in Slovenia

  7. Received a donation on 5 May 09 from someone in the USA

  8. Received a donation on 20 May 09 from the same grateful user in Slovenia

  9. Received a donation on 20 May 09 from someone in Thailand

  10. Nice appreciative chap from Slovenia above has donated three times so far once for every update of the maps here! :-)

  11. Received a donation in Jul 2009 from an appreciative person who found Western Samoa maps useful

  12. Thanks to donor from Phillipines on 6 Sept 09

  13. Received a generous donation from a New Zealander 11 Sep 09

  14. Generous donation received from an Australian on 24 Sept 09 who appreciated the Samoan maps

  15. Very generous donation received from UK resident planning a trip to NZ on 19 Oct 09

  16. Received a generous donation from an Australian on 29 Oct 09

  17. Donation received from an American on 10 Dec 09

  18. Donation on 16 Dec from an American traveller going to Vietnam

  19. Received donation from a Kiwi on Xmas Eve - nice pressie!

  20. Donation from a Croatian on 14 Jan 10

  21. Thanks to an American for donation received on 1 Feb 2010

  22. Donation from Espanol on 3 Feb 2010 - thanks!

  23. 27 Feb 2010 - Received the LARGEST donation so far from a New Zealander - a very generous USD three figure sum!

  24. 9 Apr 2010 - After recently migrating the website here, received another large donation from another New Zealander - a very generous USD three figure sum! The very first donation at this website - THANKS for your support!

Thanks everyone !

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