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21 Feb 2011

Thanks to a New Zealander who made a donation to this project today. Much appreciated.

16 Feb 11

New updated Garmin Tour Guide file of updated 2011 Garmin Tour Guide File (POIs) of DOC Camping sites can be downloaded free now. Includes 2011 cost increases, 8 new camping grounds and updated facility details

13 May 10

New updated can be downloaded free now. Minor bug fixes especially for Apple MAC users.

28 Apr 10

New updated can be downloaded free now...


* Significantly tweaked display settings and levels of contour lines so that it won't slow up your computer and GPS unit - detailed levels only displays when you zoom in closer. I would suggest to download this and replace earlier versions if you are experiencing display lags on your units.
* ADDED NEW WATERWAYS - Rivers, streams, lakes, irrigation, snow/ice cover etc etc

19 Apr 10

RCMAPS's GPS MAPS here saves life! Read more here - comment by an appreciative user...

9 Apr 10

9 Apr 2010 - After recently migrating the website here, received another large donation from another New Zealander - a very generous USD three figure sum! The very first donation at this website - THANKS for your support!

25 Mar 10

Added lots more pages and a page on the background and history to this project and also the reason for giving away free maps?

25 Mar 10

Added many pages to this site. Also more significantly, added a free download of Garmin Tour Guide POI file of camping sites managed by NZ Department of Conservation.

4 Mar 10

RCMAPS's Googlepages was shutdown today in line with earlier announcement by Google in 2009 to shutdown all googlepages for migration to Googlesites.

The major difference in Googlesites is that some key features are disabled which will make the previous RCMAPS Googlepages display incorrectly.

Please bear with me as I attempt to create a new site. Any assistance in migrating my pages gratefully accepted. Thanks.

27 Feb 10

Thank you very much to the kind New Zealander who donated a large three figure sum to support this mapping project!

17 Jan 10

Updated free contour line map of New Zealand with turn by turn instruction road maps, tramping, walking, trekking, and biking maps

1 Jan 10

Free NZ auto routing road maps combined with auto routing tramping, hiking, biking tracks map combined with 10m topographical contour lines map can now be downloaded for free.

24 Dec 09

Maps now available for download ...

21 DEC 09

Any interest in topo line / contour line map of New Zealand - 10m intervals from SRTM dataset?
Have a look here or Contact Me if you would like this map.

2 NOV 09

A further Nov 09 update for NZ DOC Maps including a free download of gmapsupp.img combining both NZOGPS road maps and DOC tracks map in a single package to allow street searching for both sets of maps.

24 Oct 09

Important announcement if you are using NZ DOC Tramping tracks maps! Please read more...

29 Sept 09

Slight update on notes on NZ Tramping Tracks map page

24 Sept 09

Working on Samoa maps thanks to lots of tracklogs received recently from users and thanks heaps to the person who donated generously towards Samoa mapping effort! :-)

19 Sept 09

Get ready for the NZ tramping season - get your free Department of Conservation managed tramping, walking and mountain bike tracks free here.

12 Sept 09

Updated FREE Rarotonga (Cook Islands) auto routing maps with hundreds of new POIs thanks to Zenbu

11 Sept 09

Donation of $50 received today! :-)

9 Sept 09

Thanks to a user who had this to say about the latest Vietnam maps :-
"...The new version of the map is amazing. I've been testing it out driving around HCM and the detail is fantastic... "

6 Sept 09

Thanks to a donor from Phillipines who sent in a generous donation today!
Also, found free 50m topo/contour line maps covering most of ASEAN countries - "...This fairly large block includes parts of India and Bangladesh at the Northwest corner, Guam, Taiwan and Hainan Islands at the Northeast, and Northern Australia (including Darwin). Major omissions include the Northern mountains of Myanmar and Eastern Papua New Guinea...." Huge 600Mb download for free!

3 Sept 09

Free Indonesian Garmin GPS maps updated by Navigasi - another free community mapping team in Indonesia.

22 AUG 09

Minor re-design of frontpage to allow easier navigation to all RCMAPS mapsets.

21 AUG 09

Latest free Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos map can be downloaded for free here

18 AUG 09

Free auto routing Garmin GPS map of VIETNAM, LAOS AND CAMBODIA with detailed streets and street names in Ho Chi Minh city and most major cities in Vietnam now available for download at asiagps site.

9 AUG 09

Free auto routing Garmin GPS map of RAROTONGA (Cook Islands) complete with POIs and street names - thanks to the team at NZOGPS - download here

17 Jun 09

Gone fishin' for a few weeks - till end of July! :-)

14 JUN 09

FREE GPS maps of Disneyland and California Adventure - fully searchable and auto routing available for free download here

13 JUN 09

FREE maps of Disneyland and California Adventure available soon :-)

3 JUN 09

Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia auto routing Garmin maps R5 will be out soon! Awesome updates especially around Vietnam - major improvements - includes huge coverage of Ho Chi Minh City with street names and one way streets correctly identified. Keep an eye out. Please support this site by visiting Google sponsors- thanks or a small donation will be greatly appreciated too.

24 MAY 09

NZ Tramping, walking, cycling, mountain biking maps now available for free download

2 MAY 09

Latest updated free Thai auto routing maps now available.

30 Apr 09

Updated FREE NZ Tramping / Hiking / Walking GPS maps available soon. Significant update!

29 Apr 09

Updated R3 FREE Thailand Garmin compatible routeable maps available soon. Keep checking back.

27 Apr 09

Anyone interested in FREE Laos and Vietnam 20m contour/topo maps ?

25 Apr 09


19 Apr 09

Free Topo or Contour line map of Thailand is AVAILABLE NOW

18 Apr 09

IMPORTANT NEWS FREE map downloads and this website will be closing down or moved soon - please help if you can.... more on this here Free Topo or Contour map of Thailand will be available soon - huge download size

17 Apr 09

Some interest in free Garmin maps of China - see discussions here and links to download some parts of Chinese maps here

15 Apr 09

Free auto routing Garmin compatible GPS map of Thailand now available

14 Apr 09

Free Garmin map of Laos, Vietnam and FULL Cambodia R4 out now

6 Apr 09

Keep a lookout for latest release of free Garmin map of Laos, Vietnam and FULL Cambodia R4 out soon.
Free Thailand R3 Garmin GPS map will soon be out as well

31 Mar 09

New article on how to create External Nodes for auto routing maps to allow routing across separate map tiles.

22 Mar 09

Free download of Garmin compatible auto routing Thailand map
Coming ....
Thailand 20m contour maps !

20 Mar 09

Free download of Thai map (includes some detailed streets for Bangkok, Udon Thani, Nong Khai - still require lots more tracklogs and work) for Garmin will be posted in a day or so.
Keep an eye out for further announcements. Currently upgrading forums and web hosting company

18 Mar 09

Great news ! Our mapping team at asiaGPS have been busy - watch out for a free Thailand Garmin GPS map for download soon !

4 JAN 09

Happy New Year everyone - have been away on holiday - will update these pages again soon!

5 DEC 08

Updated NZ Tramping Tracks auto routing maps - FIXED Auto Routing bug - map now works (auto routes) correctly!
Use this in conjunction with latest updated Dec 2008 free NZ Road maps that is fully routeable

12 Nov 08

Latest Kiwi auto routing maps available for download

11 Nov 08

Updated Free Laos_Vietnam maps V2008 R3a (Nov 2008)

3 Nov 2008

More freebies!
Free NZ TRAMPING (HIKING) TRACKS Auto Routing maps Nov 2008
Just in time for the great summer tramping season!
BUT wait there's more!
Updated 2 Nov 2008 version of Free NZ Open GPS Project Auto Routing maps

1 Nov 2008

2008 R3 of Laos Vietnam auto routing maps available now. Have a look here for changes

30 Oct 2008

It's coming - 2008 R3 of free Laos & Vietnam maps - much improved and more detailed street maps in Vietnam

23 Oct 2008

Free download of New Zealand auto routing maps with traffic lights and 72,000 other POIs

22 Oct 2008

Finished work on creating a Hanoi auto routing map and fully integrated within the Laos_Vietnam mapset.
This is far more accurate, more detailed and slightly larger coverage than the present Hanoi city map.
It even has street names for nearly all the streets! Register now at our forums to download the new maps coming soon.

19 Oct 2008

New version of free Middle Earth / Aoteroa / New Zealand map released

14 Oct 2008

Added some more free Garmin compatible GPS maps around the world OTHER FREE GARMIN GPS MAPS

13 Oct 2008

Thanks a lot to a kind soul from Czech Republic for making the very first donation to this project!

9 Oct 2008

How to create a gmapsupp.img file

6 Oct 2008

Latest free auto routing NZ maps

4 Oct 2008

Easy way to set up Mapsource (scroll to bottom of the first article) Forum has moved, please register again to download Oct 2008 files including new improved Topo/Contour maps

1 Oct 2008

Compiling Garmin compatible GPS maps - tools

30 Sep 2008

Laos contour lines/topo updated maps nearly ready for download
Updated free New Zealand Auto Routing maps or free torrent download of NZ map (Yep! Perfectly legit torrent)

20 Sep 2008

Article on different road classes and how to map to achieve routing efficiency

19 Sep 2008

Article on fixing cGPSmapper compilation error E019: Street cannot intersect with itself! Split this element
Article on how to create a useful tracklog for mapping purposes

18 Sep 2008

Article on fixing compilation errors - "Error R014: Several DataX for routable roads not permitted!" issue

17 Sep 2008

New series of articles on creating auto routing maps - eg. connecting polylines and fixing blue nodes.

16 Sep 2008

New article on drawing roundabouts for auto routing maps - tips and how to avoid traps

12 Sep 2008

New updated free Laos & Vietnam TOPO maps for Garmin GPS units

11 Sep 2008

New maps released (Ver 2008 R2), have a look here for details of changes

8 Sep 2008

Updated map(s) will no longer be available for download on this site.

30 Aug 2008

Added an ARTICLES page - will be adding lots of hints and tips in future - keep checking!

26 AUG 2008

Updated Western Samoa Maps V2008 R3 (new roads and lots of POIs added)

17 August 2008

WHOLE of INDONESIA AUTO ROUTING MAPS (YES entire country better than official Garmin City Navigator maps)

You will have to understand Bahasa Indonesia (or at least Bahasa Malaysia on this website, however, if you don't just download the second link - all 1 - 7 under Garmin Mapsource. If you require a pre-compiled mapset in gmapsupp.img format - download the first link 1- 7. These maps are really awesome and very detailed!

16 August 2008

Free Laos and Vietnam auto routing and topo maps Ver 2008 R1 in gmapsupp.img format available by clicking this.

5 August 2008

* Updated Free Samoa Auto Routing and Topo Garmin GPS map

27 July 2008

* Added Google Maps Search gadget to search for locations based on GPS Coords or cities etc

26 July 2008

* Added new photos
* Added visitor map location gadget

24 July 2008

* Added new link to other free world maps

22 July 2008

* Reorganised the single web page into separate pages making it easier to navigate.
* Added some useful links to software and other maps

20 July 2008

* Added site counter

18 July 2008

* Site first published! Also my very first attempt at creating a website - well it was a web page.

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